If you really knew me…

By SHERILYN MORSE, sophomore

TELLING A SECRET is like opening Pandora’s Box. Once you pry it open, you unleash your demons, your dreams, and — buried at the bottom — your fragile hopes. Secrets are as different as the people who reveal them, and once spoken, secrets change the people who hear them. We asked JP students to anonymously complete the sentence “If you really knew me, you would know that…” You may find your classmates more interesting, quirky, and courageous and more similar to you than you think.



…when I was nine, I tried to attach my dog’s leash to my bike to have him pull me. I ended up with a cast.
…instead of browsing Facebook or watching YouTube constantly, I actually waste a lot of time playing Minesweeper.
…I like to play Tetris. Come at me, tetrisfriends.com!
…my biggest pet peeve is you’re vs. your and there vs. their vs. they’re.


…I’m completely falling for my best friend.
…I’m bisexual.
…I’m gay and proud.
…I’m questioning my sexuality and I really don’t know what to do.
…all I really want is to receive affection from someone I can truly love.


…I’m insecure. I may seem bubbly and talkative, but I’m always wondering if people are annoyed by me.
…I am very self-conscious of how I look. Sometimes, it takes me at least a good ten minutes to choose what I’m going to wear for school if I don’t plan it out the night before.
…deep down, I crave everyone’s approval.
…I have problems trusting people.
…I’m a size 00, but I always feel fat.
…People treat me so badly. When they say something to me like “You’re fat” or “You have a weird nose,” it gets me. I never know if they are saying it sarcastically or not, because these people are supposed to be my friends. I just go home and cry.


…I hate Harry from Harry Potter. Sure, he saved the Wizarding World from Voldemort, but he can be such an idiot sometimes.
…my definition of staying up late is watching “Pretty Little Liars” and “The Lying Game” until 3 AM.
…I really love to blast Lady Gaga music and dance in my pajamas.
…I am unflaggingly and unfailingly in love with Kina Grannis. She’s too amazing!
…I love to sing songs by Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera when I’m home alone, though I can’t hit ANY of those high notes and I sound like a screeching bird.
…I set fire to the rain.


…the prospect of life after college terrifies me.
… I can’t talk right now; I have Algebra II.
…sometimes I still count on my fingers for math problems. #proud
…not all Asians get A’s and go to Harvard, Yale, or Princeton.
…I would love to talk about interesting things, like ideas, books, the world around us, and things that we learn in class; to ask questions in earnest; and to be challenged on my thinking. I care a lot, and I’m sure that there are people reading this who care as much as I do. Where are you?
…even though I quit orchestra, I really enjoy playing the violin.
…I am impressive on paper, but I fail to deliver in person.
…I want high school to be over, but I’m afraid of growing up.

These secrets could have been written by anyone: the quiet girl sitting in the back of homeroom, the funny kid goofing off in gym, the smart kid asking questions in the front row, your friend, your best friend, or maybe even you. That’s their real beauty. Whether it be one student’s worrying about Algebra II, another student’s falling for his or her best friend, or another’s distaste for Harry Potter, secrets embody who we really are: both our deepest insecurities and our natural flippancy. No matter where you fall, you know you’re not alone.


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