JP’s Three Musketeers

By RAVI AGRAWAL, sophomore

Among golf clubs and golf balls stand JP’s own Three Musketeers, living by the motto “all to one and one to all.” Seniors Harry Hoffman, Keerthan Harish, and Amrit Iyer share a story of inseparable friendship. Since freshman year, these elite golfers excelled on the JP Golf Team and earned top spots in the All Red Division and GMC tournament. “Our story starts when we were young — Harry and I met fourteen years ago, when we were preschoolers at Wardlaw Hartridge. We met Keerthan on the first day of golf tryouts freshman year,” explains Amrit. From the hours spent on bus rides to practices and tournaments, to the days spent perfecting putts on the green, Harry, Keerthan, and Amrit have shared unforgettable experiences and memories on and off the golf course. “My relationship with these two guys is special, since we’ve been together on the team for all four years of our high school career. None of us knew what to expect when getting ready for the golf team, but once all three of us made it our freshman year, we knew it was going to be a fun ride ahead of us,” expressed Harry. Now, as senior year comes to an end, JP’s own Three Musketeers approach a twist in their plot. Instead of parting ways to attend different universities, this big three will still be in close contact, as they have decided to take their talents down south, to the same university.

Keerthan, Harry, and Amrit will all be attending the University of Texas at Austin in the fall. Each of them has fallen in love with UT Austin for different reasons, and hopes to achieve new, unique feats in college. Both Keerthan and Amrit look forward to attending the McCombs School of Business, one of the largest and most distinguished business programs in the nation, to major in finance. “It is great that Amrit and I are going into the financial industry together, but I’m sure that even numbers and equations won’t be able to define our friendship,” jokes Keerthan. On the other side, Harry is attracted to the spirit and passion that run deep in Longhorn Nation. From pulling allnighters in the library to cheering for the Longhorns at the stadium, three JP Stevens Hawks will be at the heart of a vibrant campus. Regardless of whether they plan to pursue golf at the collegiate level or explore new interests, the Three Musketeers will forever cherish the memories from playing together and only seek to strengthen their friendship.

2 thoughts on “JP’s Three Musketeers

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