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You know you go to JP when.. (Nov 2012)

By HAULUN XU, senior, TANYA BALARAJU, junior, and ANDREW YE, junior

…guys wear gym clothes to school to avoid sharing gym lockers.
…school plays attract audiences from schools you’ve never heard of before.
…everyone watches the presidential debates…
…mainly because teachers assign it as homework…
…and “YOLO” is modified into a political statement to encourage voting.
…despite the shrieks and screams, you enjoythe Karaoke Stand on JP Day.
…the “Tips for Freshmen” list in the hallwayis more applicable to upperclassmen.
…seniors start stressing about prom inSeptember.
…tiny preschool-size students wander throughout the halls, melting even the mostcallous of hearts.
…most of the people near your locker are complete strangers.
…for the first time, teachers seem to know the new technology better than students.
…you pray your picture will not appear in the slideshow on the school’s homepage for everyone to see.
…JP-themed USB drives are sold at the school store even though they can’t be used on JP computers.
…you can identify freshmen by how many books they carry.
…seniors claim they have senioritis by the end of the second day of school.
…the 92-year-old lunch lady is one of the most energetic and spirited persons in the entire school.
…the only reason you eat school lunches is because the lunch ladies are so nice.
…desperate students abandon their dignity at the Club Fair for just a few more email addresses.
…you’re late on Friday and have to endure a painfully embarrassing walk of shame to Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me”
…you can tell which kids are cool simply by how they carry cafeteria coffee.
…most of the revenue from car washes comes from parents sending their children to marching band rehearsal.
…you can hear the drumline practicing from your home.
…you are forced to try the greens served for lunch since there is little other food.
…clubs raise the school’s BMI by selling Gertrude Hawk chocolate bars.
…you come to school dressed up and people automatically assume you have an English presentation or a home game.

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