Fresh on the scene: Class of 2016


WHAT BETTER WAY to welcome freshmen to high school than JP Stevens’ annual Freshman Social on September 24? The event was an exciting way for freshmen to get comfortable with their new environment (as well as take a break from homework).

Upperclassmen had the opportunity to make a first impression on these newcomers as they dressed up in various groups. While the freshmen entered the old gym, they were each given a number that corresponded with a group of older students who led them in different icebreakers. The groups included Carpenters, Geeks, Clue? Characters, Hippies, Mario and Luigi, 80’s group, Lifeguards, Minions, and Hawaiian boys. After everyone became acquainted with each other, the icebreakers finally began.

The event kicked off with a round of Human Knot, which left everyone in giggles. Some of the other games allowed freshmen to get to know each other. Freshmen named interesting things about each other, tried “Two Truths and a Lie,” and played “Followthe Leader.” Junior Ketal Patel said, “I have been coming to Freshman Social for the past 3 years and I always have a blast!”

After refreshments were served, the dance party finally began. With a talented DJ, the students immediately bonded over the fist-pumping music as they danced the rest of the night away. “My favorite part was when they played Gangnam Style!” freshman Revathi Gudi exclaimed. “The dances and icebreakers really produced a warm welcome for everyone who attended.” As the night slowly wound down, an air of camaraderie pervaded every corner and proved to be a memorable experience for all. Anjani Patel, junior, said, “Freshman Social is definitely my favorite event to host; it’s a great way to meet some of the underclassmen!”

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