New books? Good looks

Renovations include a new Promethean board and a revamped layout.


VISIT THE LIBRARY lately? Since the summertime, JP Stevens has undergone a series of changes that will give students increased access to new resources in the library.

These renovations include a new Promethean Board in place of the back shelves that once hosted non-fiction and science books. Commenting on the new addition, Assistant Librarian Mrs. Mezynski explains, “The library renovation is important because students can increase their knowledge using all of the resources that we have to offer at the JP library.”

The recent addition of a college reference section offers assistance to juniors and seniors preparing for their futures. As junior Sruthi Nanduri remarks, “The library allows me to look at all the college materials in one section. All the factual aspects of these institutions — regarding dorms, financial aid, and college life are now much easier to compare. I have to start looking into colleges that fit me because my career depends on the decisions I make this year.”

But these renovations aren’t limited to using existing space in new ways. Whenever JP Stevens gets a new upgrade, technology
that further enhances learning for students is added. In this case, thirty computers have been added for students’ use.

Junior Bryan Lin says, “For better or worse, students have now become increasingly reliant on technology. We use computers for doing homework, studying, or creating projects. With the additional computers, more students can use them at one time. Now, each student can have a computer and type up a project on Google Drive, making the process five times more efficient.”

There is also a quiet study area off to the side, near the back of the room, which preserves the traditional use of the library. There is also a new flat screen television: a modern touch.

These renovations seemed targeted at the student body, but the benefits of a new JP library will extend to the faculty as well. Teachers will have an easier time managing their classes in the library because students will be presented with more material.

“I am glad the budget fulfilled its promise in refurbishing our library. I have always loved the library ever since I was a young child. Books and other written records were our resources for our college papers back in the day,” Librarian Mrs. Stein says, chuckling. “Students here at JP will be proud of the renovation.”

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