Real, clear, fresh politics

By TANAYA BADSA, freshman

AS THE 2012 presidential election quickly approaches, the nation prepares to elect a leader who will serve at the forefront of national politics. But last month, the freshmen class of JP Stevens decided an important election of its own.

On September 27, freshmen gathered in the auditorium for the Freshmen Election and listened to Student Council candidates deliver their speeches. Freshman Pitika Jain comments, “The way candidates act and how they displays themselves definitely impacts the voters. But the students who ran did really well!”

After a short speech by senior class president Zala Jalili, the elections began with two candidates for class treasurer. Shivam Bhatt started his speech by voicing his ideas for fundraisers to help lower the costs of future events. “If I get the honor of serving the class of 2016, hard work and dedication will definitely be evident over the course of the next four years,” he promised. Following Shivam’s speech, Cheryl Chang took the stage and promised that everyone’s opinion would be taken into consideration if elected. “I’m determined to give what the ninth graders want in JP,” she declared. “No matter what, everyone deserves a say in how the money will be handled, and I intend on making our class proud.”

The audience then turned to the only candidate for secretary, Ahmad Javed. He shared his thoughts on what made him a qualified candidate: managerial skills and the ability to keep calm under strenuous circumstances.

Afterward, the vice president candidates each took turns putting across their reasons as to why they should serve as second-incommand. Akshat Mehta portrayed his leadership qualities by talking about his experiences in Boy Scouts. Melody Oztan followed with a speech about her leadership skills and dedication.

Finally, the presidential nominees took the stand. Tarush Aneja began by presenting many different ideas through humor. Next, Samuel Marshall gave his speech, starting with the classic “My fellow Americans…” Samantha Johnson continued the presidential line-up, impressing the listeners with her honesty: “The difference between the other candidates and me? I don’t make empty promises; everything I say, I will get done!” Joseph Pecoraro concluded the speeches with his plans for the next four years of high school.

Although there were many aspiring candidates present at the freshmen election, only four spots were available. Congratulations to Shivam Bhatt (Treasurer), Ahmad Javed (Secretary), Akshat Mehta (Vice President) and Joseph Pecoraro (President)!

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