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Style psychology: Manipulating your mind into attaining higher scores


Style. Many have the notion that it belongs solely on the runway, solely in parties or events that require a more put together attire. However, style is so much more than Forever 21 and studying Vogue; it is an expression of your character and spirit. When you dress pleasantly, it seems as if your life is organized; when you dress sloppily, it seems as if you are overflowing with incomplete tasks and your life is spiraling out of control. Although the way you look might not matter to you, it can provide you with self-confidence  and help identify who you really are as a person. One shocking theory is that dressing up on the day of an assessment or the SAT can actually boost your scores!  So why not make an endeavor to dress nicely?

Self-confidence is an indispensable  aspect of our lives, and yet so many talented individuals struggle their entire lives to find it. Confidence is abated by our insecurities, which stem from not being comfortable in your own body. While there are many ways to overcome those insecurities, the easiest approach is through your appearance! Sloppy attire gives way to a negligent and careless attitude. When I dress in clothing that I would normally wear to bed, I hunch my back and go through the day with an “I don’t care” attitude that often reflects in my school work. The contrary is true when I dress up for school in simply  a dress or a nice shirt. When you look good, you feel good: this concept is known as style psychology and has been proven and by many psychologists. Looking good can make your life feel organized and in place (so much that so you actually want to do your homework or study for a test).

According to Kate Nightingale, a style psychologist, style psychology is about manipulating your mind into believing that you are confident. Just as you manipulate your mind to switch emotions, such as when you need to sleep peacefully in the aftermath of watching a scary movie, you can manipulate your mind into believing you do in fact have what it takes to achieve. When you look well collected on the outside, that same sense of composure soon spreads to the inside.

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