Lorraine’s Legacy

LorraineBy NATASHA RAI, sophomore

If you have been listening to the morning announcements, you are probably well aware that Lorraine Mackiewicz is a volleyball star. But do you really know her? Along with breaking records and winning the Home News Tribune and Star Ledger Player of the Year awards, the senior captain of the Lady Hawks volleyball team is also a dedicated student and a vital member of the JP Stevens Choir. Lorraine is the essence of what a high school athlete should be: a committed player, leader and a focused student. Lorraine says that time management is one of the most essential skills she learned in trying to balance games, choir rehearsals, and homework assignments. For students going through similar situations, Lorraine advises, “It is crucial to learn how to plan accordingly and budget your time based
on the commitments you have in order to stay on top of your schoolwork. It definitely
takes a lot of effort and sacrifices to juggle everything, but it’s worth it in the end.”
Lorraine’s interest in volleyball stems from her childhood, when she watched her mother play the sport. When she attended her first volleyball camp before freshman
year, she developed a great love for the sport. Since then, Lorraine has stayed with
volleyball due to the passion, motivation and encouragement she draws from her
mother. Thanks to this family connection, Lorraine not only gained key tips and
pointers, but also inspiration and a strong support system. Now having completed her
volleyball journey at JP, she also personally thanks Coach Savulich and Coach White,
who taught her how to be a versatile player and gave her confidence through their
relentless belief in her abilities. Acknowledging the crucial role volleyball has had in her life, Lorraine recounts how the sport created opportunities and opened doors for her. She says, “I improved with respect to teamwork, leadership, and communication, and I now understand what it takes to succeed. My favorite volleyball memory is when we beat Colonia in the semifinals of the GMCs. It was tough, but winning the match as the underdogs was the best feeling in the world.” Lorraine currently holds the school record for the most kills (373). She also recorded 197 digs and 50 blocks throughout this season. In
addition, she was honorably chosen to the Second Team All State, All Red Division
Team, and All Conference Team for Middlesex County. After three years of varsity volleyball, Lorraine ends her JP Stevens chapter and shifts her focus to what lies ahead:
college. Knowing that she wanted to pursue volleyball after high school, Lorraine carefully sought a college that would provide a suitable team, strong academics, and good business program. She has now verbally committed to Babson College in Boston and will continue to play volleyball there. Although she is planning ahead, Lorraine says she will always remember her high school experiences because they strengthened her love for the sport and laid the foundation for the rest of her life. When reminiscing about the team, she states, “We have had our ups and downs over the years, but the journey has been a fun ride.
To the seniors, I wish you the best of luck in college. To the underclassmen, keep up
the hard work; I expect you guys to keep working hard so that we can one day clinch
the GMC title!” On behalf of Hawkeye, we would like to congratulate Lorraine for her
innumerable honors and achievements, and we wish her the best of luck in the future.

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