JP Speaks


Many JP students were polled on perennial and recent issues in the sports world. Here’s what they have to say!

1. Should college athletes be rewarded with salaries for their athletic participation?
No 76%
Yes 24%

2. Where do you predict LeBron James will rank in comparison with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant when James’ career is complete?
Higher than Kobe, lower than MJ 60%
Higher than both Kobe and MJ 21%
Lower than both Kobe and MJ 13%
Higher than MJ, lower than Kobe 6%

3. At which arena would you prefer to attend a sporting event or concert?
Madison Square Garden 51%
Barclays Center 49%

4. Which of the following commissioners deserves the most praise for the job he has done during his tenure?
David Stern 32%
Roger Goodell 25%
Bud Selig 23%
Gary Bettman 20%

5. Should professional baseball institute a salary cap, or should team owners be free to spend as much as they desire?
Salary cap 55%
No salary cap 45%

6. What should the NBA establish as its draft age eligibility policy?
Two to four years of college 44%
Directly out of high school 32%
Completion of one year of college 24%

7. Which of the following leagues has the best all-star festivities?
NBA 58%
NFL 25%
MLB 12%
NHL 5%

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