You Know You Go to JPS When…


…garden gnomes guard the roof.
…students filming prom proposal videos cannot decide whether to hold their phone in portrait or landscape.
…and you always end up with your head hawkwardly sideways for a short moment when you watch those videos.
…the boys spring tennis team has played in the snow more times than all of the winter sports teams combined.
…the band and choir practice rooms all have current generation iMacs.
…kids go inside to “eat breakfast” when they just want to get warm.
…somehow your parents agree to pay the exorbitant fees for multiple AP tests.
…you receive emails for clubs you signed up for but never really joined…
…yet you don’t bother to unsubscribe either.
…you spend spring break going to interviews and working on things for OM rather than sleeping…
…and therefore still have to catch up on sleep when you return to school.
…you can always count on the geese to return at around the same time the paper shortage does.
…the phrase “second semester senior” is meaningless in terms of workload.
…walking to school is faster than driving.
…teachers change lesson plans because too many people are out for club trips.
…the underclassmen know exactly where each senior is going to college.

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