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It’s Hard Being a Teenager

“It’s Hard Being A Teenager”

I make stupid mistakes
Because I don’t know who I am
I’m going through all these changes
That I just don’t understand

“It’s Hard Being A Teenager”

Relationships never last
And they’re way too complicated
But being single can be boring
And seriously outdated

And not only that
But sometimes
I just don’t have the guts
To say hi
So I get crushed
Whenever I watch my crush walk by

“It’s Hard Being A Teenager”

I’m getting less influenced by family
And more from what I see in school
I’m trying to fit in the same crew
That they’re trying to fit into
Because if he looks cool
And he looks cool
Then I want he which is me
To look cool too
But at the end of the day
We’ll never fit in the same size shoe
So at the end of the day
I’ll never be just…like…you

“It’s Hard Being A Teenager”

When I was younger
I was only happy, or sleepy
Now I get angry, depressed
Hungry, upset
Tired, stressed
And all these other emotions
That I just don’t get

As a freshman I used to think
“Awww man!
I can’t wait to have my driver’s license
I’mma drive around that lot
I’mma have the nicest car
In the senior parking lot”

And as a senior I’m thinking
“Awww man!
I’m finally a senior
Can’t wait to graduate
As soon as I throw off my hat
I’m out of this place”

But truth be told
None of us wants to grow up
We all just want to watch
Saturday morning cartoons
While eating a bowl of cereal
Bring back nap time
So we can be kids again

But we can’t
Because our teachers constantly remind us
That we’re not kids anymore
We’re going off to college soon
And we should start acting mature

And to be honest
I don’t want to go to college

I don’t even know what I’m doing next week
Or even tomorrow night
So how am I supposed to know
What I want to be for the rest of my life

“It’s Hard Being A Teenager”

Trying to keep up with the grades
Study for this quiz
Or edit this essay

And even with all these problems
I have to deal with the ones at home
I feel like no one understands them
And I’m on my own

I make stupid mistakes
Because I don’t know who I am
It’s Hard Being A Teenager
And people just don’t understand

– D. Jean-Baptiste

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