Let’s Swing into Softball

By ALYSSA DESAI, freshman

As the spring sports season ends, it can be clearly seen that the JP Stevens Lady Hawks Softball team had an impressive run. This year’s varsity team was diverse, with multiple returning seniors and juniors as well as a handful of new freshmen. The team, particularly the seniors who wished to make their final season as Lady Hawks a memorable one, was extremely excited to hit the field and show its opponents its skills. From their first practice, everyone had an optimistic outlook on the Lady Hawks’ future, including senior Miranda Rosen, right fielder, who commented, “This year I expect our team to work well as a unit. We have a lot of new players, including freshmen, who are really talented. If we continue to work well together, I believe we can make it a great season.” Just as Miranda had hoped, the players proved versatile enough to edge their way into an elite crust of the best teams in Middlesex County, boasting a phenomenal 21-5 record in the season. Senior Danielle DeBenedetto, first baseman, has been a starting player on the varsity softball team for all her four years of high school and had tremendous expectations for this season as well. “We plan to go very far in GMCs and States this year,” she proudly stated.

The JP Stevens Lady Hawks were seeded first in the state tournament and third in the county tournament, and faced off against several top rivals in intense games. When asked which team she wanted to face again, senior catcher Ruth Zimmerman admitted, “We really want to play East Brunswick again, because we split two games with them, winning one and losing the other, so we want to show them what we are made of.”

There is no doubt that the motivated seniors have fueled the team to numerous victories; however, everyone attributes their incredible successes and exemplary work ethic to their dedicated head coach and assistant coach, Krystle Petty and Shannon Bishop, respectively. Praising their positive effect on the players’ overall softball game, Danielle added, “Our coaches influence us to push ourselves to succeed and to stay together as a team and family.”

The seniors laid down the foundation to what is guaranteed to be a promising future for the younger players. As long as they maintain their unwavering determination, cooperation, and focus, many victories are in store for our Lady Hawks.

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