Seen at JP


The school map probably became your best friend as it guided you to your classes the first few days of freshman year. Here are some of the quirkier places around JP.

The Marketplace: Clubs take advantage of front lobby traffic which provides a sure supply of hungry customers. Perhaps some students have not eaten since period 4, though most are simply drawn to the savory smells of sauce and cheese. Who wouldn’t give up a buck fifty for that?

The Fowl Nesting Grounds: The football field serves two purposes. One is as the home turf; the other is as the temporary residence for seasonal flocks of Canadian geese. Luckily, the little presents that the geese leave behind help students to hone their athletic abilities. It takes quick reflexes to avoid soiling your sneakers.

The Invisible Classrooms: Have you ever seen rooms 145, 146, 147, and 148? No? Neither have we. According to certain versions of the JP Stevens map, these rooms are listed in the yard between the A-wing and the cafeteria—in the middle of the courtyard.

The Gates on Stairs: Dust accumulates on a flight of stairs that is perpetually barred behind locked gates. Here, the proverbial freshman wonders if there is really a pool on the third floor. But the suspiciously blocked stairwell does cause one to ask: why is there even a full flight of stairs leading to the roof?

The MUSIC Practice Rooms: Many students find the stillness serene and conducive to effective practice. Others find it rather claustrophobic. Still others only notice that it sounds like you’re checking the refrigerator when you open the doors.

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