Club fair: discovering dedication

By KELLY YU, freshman

On October 9, a Chinese lion roamed around the cafeteria flaunting bright colors while intricate robots were put on display and a DJ played catchy dance music to set the mood. This unlikely combination of such diverse elements could only come together for one event: the JP Stevens Club Fair. Although the fair took place on a cloudy, autumn day that brought gloomy weather upon JP, the lively atmosphere among the students was enough to make everyone forget. The Club Fair gave students a chance to hang out with their friends, discover new clubs, and enjoy some delicious food.

Upperclassmen and club officers and members managed booths scattered throughout the cafeteria with smiles on their faces as they tried to lure freshmen and other newcomers with tempting slushies, t-shirt giveaways, and neon flyers. Students occupied almost every inch of space in the room, touring around with friends to familiarize themselves with all the clubs and see what they had to offer. While advertising the Environmental Club with her fellow members, junior Jannat Javed exclaimed, “As a freshman, I discovered the Environmental Club through the Club Fair. Now that I am an upperclassman, I am very grateful for this event since it helped me discover the club that I love and am in now.” Like Jannat, many students discovered the clubs to which they are now very committed and for which they have a deep passion.

Every club was determined to recruit new members and employed a variety of methods to do so. The Cornerstone Christian Fellowship gave out individually wrapped candy to attract new students to their booth. Meanwhile, Ink!, the school’s literary magazine, displayed a wide collection of published issues produced by the club members, showcasing their artistic abilities that ranged from writing insightful poems to producing stunning works of visual art. Some clubs were able to gain the attention of students who may never have considered joining. Freshman Divya Khanna stated, “While walking around the cafeteria, I found the B.R.I.D.G.E.S. Club. After listening to the members speak about their work, I thought that this was my chance to try something new!” The Club Fair offered an opportunity for many students like Divya to learn more about themselves and possibly discover their own latent interests.

No matter what any student’s particular interests were, there was always a club perfectly suited for their desires waiting to be discovered at the fair. These organizations ranged from academic clubs such as Science Olympiad and Academy of Science to clubs such as the Bridge Club and Interact. With so many clubs, both new and established, the atmostphere at the Club Fair was lively until the end.

The Club Fair provided an opportunity for students to learn about less popular clubs at JP and to just socialize with friends. For these reasons and more, it will be one of the most anticipated events every school year.

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