Cool Digs

By KAREN JIANG, freshman

The girls’ varsity volleyball team is starting off strong this fall. Despite the fact that the team is relatively young, with four sophomores, five juniors, and only two seniors, it has been able play consistently well, game after game.

Captain Angela Liu (12) leads her team in blocks and kills, with 7 and 62 respectively. She speaks positively about her experience with her team, noting that “We’re the best type of dysfunctional family. We’re the team that eats together, studies together, and supports each other through all the ups and downs of the season.” This close knit relationship fails to escape the notice of even the least observant. Right before a game, the Hawks were in the bleachers, eating and chatting together. Looking at this carefree scene, it would have been impossible to guess that some of these talented ladies met only through volleyball. The amiable way they communicated with one another revealed the extent of their friendship.

Fellow captain Amanda Gu (12) holds the team record of 133 digs. Despite the team’s early struggles in the beginning of the season, she has many positive things to say about spending time with her teammates. “Even though we came in as the underdogs this year, we came together as a team,” she affirmed. “And no matter what the ending, I’m glad I’ve spent my senior year with these girls.”

The rest of the team has also dislayed an impressive level of improvement. Jessica Liu (11) has a total of 127 assists, while Heidy Shi (11) leads the team in aces and regular points, with 19 and 62 respectively. Nina Carlsen (10), Tina Lu (10), Jamina Morris (10), Michelle Qiou (10), Susan Zhao (11), Kayla Smith (10), Jaasrini Vellore (11) and Sydney Lin (9) also contribute to the team’s five wins.

In volleyball, a third game is used to determine the winner if the two teams split the first two games. Luckily, the Hawks have done an amazing job in overpowering their opponents, rarely struggling in the nerve-racking third game. They have swiftly defeated South Plainfield, Bishop George Ahr, and Mother Seton in two games, and West Windsor North and Colonia in three.

Coach Savulich comments on her team’s performance, saying, “We have a young team this year with only two seniors. Our experience level is a little lower than other GMC teams. However, we do have periods of brilliance when we defeat strong teams like West Windsor North, Colonia, Mother Seton, and Bishop Ahr. It seems that we have to fight for every point in our matches. In general, the games have been a series of tough dogfights.”

This year’s girls’ volleyball season isn’t just a jumble of numbers waiting to be interpreted by sports analysts. It is comprised of  eleven talented young women who warm up and play as one team.

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