Greeting Mrs. Lell

By TANAYA BADSA, sophomore

Mrs. Elizabeth Lell was recently appointed the Supervisor of Mathematics for JP. Growing up in Newark, Mrs. Lell attended a competitive private high school in Clark, NJ where she excelled in multiple subjects. Beside mathematics, Mrs. Lell loves history, and originally considered majoring in the subject. She recounts how she was able to correct errors in both the history midterm and final exam during her junior year in high school. However, she decided to major to mathematics after winning the Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship at St. John’s University in New York, which included $16,000 in stipends. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the subject.

Before moving to the Edison Township school district, Mrs. Lell taught at East Brunswick High School. Expecting to arrive in early November of this year, Mrs. Lell was pleasantly surprised to make an early transition to JP Stevens High School, John Adams Middle School, and Woodrow Wilson Middle School. When asked how she was enjoying the new environment, Mrs. Lell responded, “The atmosphere is amazing! I love seeing true, dedicated educators teaching their craft!”

As a first generation Portugese-born American, Mrs. Lell has been driven by her family’s ability to succeed despite the hardships they faced. This has motivated her to work harder and provide more for her own children.

When Ms. Lell is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons. Among other activities, they enjoy visiting historical sites, playing sports, and playing the guitar. Since her sons are Boy Scouts, she does community service work as well. Ms. Lell is also very active in her own school district as part of the PTA.

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