JP Speaks

By NANCY WOO, junior

Autumn is the time when athletes, whether high school, college, or professional, begin to put major moments into the history books. As sport seasons begin and fans start wearing their favorite athletes’ jerseys, excitement and anticipation increases. At Hawkeye, we surveyed JP students on their opinions on various athletes. From predictions about the upcoming NBA season to beliefs about who would win the ultimate 100m race, we ask it all. Some of the results were surprising, some expected.

1. Which fantasy league are you a part of?

  1. NFL: 23%
  2. MLB: 8%
  3. NBA: 15%
  4. None: 54%

2. Which athlete would you want to be best  friends with?

  1. Rafael Nadal: 42%
  2. Lebron James: 19%
  3. Eli Manning: 4%
  4. Alex Morgan: 35%

3. If these athletes were in a 100m race, who would win?

  1. Adrian Peterson: 27%
  2. Navok Djokovic: 19%
  3. Lebron James: 15%
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo: 39%

4. Who will win the NBA championships?

  1. Bulls: 4%
  2. Nets: 31%
  3. Heat: 54%
  4. Thunder: 11%

5. Which of the following extreme sports would you be most willing to try if you had the chance?

  1. Cave Diving: 19%
  2. Mountain Biking: 23%
  3. Skydiving: 45%
  4. Base Jumping: 13%

6. Which of the following do you think is not a sport?

  1. Wife Carrying: 32%
  2. Unicycle Polo: 9%
  3. Extreme Ironing: 18%
  4. Jello Slurping: 41%

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