Superheroes of service

By GURLEEN KAUR, sophomore

The “Superheroes of Service” of New Jersey ventured on a mission to collect supplies for the Tools for Success fundraiser and celebrate service at the Key Club Fall Rally at Six Flags Great Adventure on October 13. JP and the other schools in Division 10 were represented by Lieutenant Governor Richa Deshpande, who dressed as Captain America as part of the superhero theme. “The success of this rally is the doing of every Key Clubber who attended and especially the Officers who facilitated their attendance,” she said. “Hopefully we will see even more success at the next major District event, DCON!”

Key Clubbers from every division learned about the many projects offered, all while making new friends. The lieutenant governors and the District Board spoke about various topics, including this year’s district Project: Eliminate. The Eliminate Project has brought together Kiwanis International and UNICEF to help fight against maternal neonatal tetanus, a disease which kills one baby every nine seconds.

District Governor Ryan Clarkin concluded the event with by awarding the Spirit Stick prize to the division with the most enthusiasm and spirit. JP Key Clubbers showed an immense amount of spirit as Division 10 was called out. Even though Division 15 won the award, Division 10’s enthusiasm was certainly inspiring. Lexi Karpf, Junior Vice President of JP Key Club, said, “Even though we didn’t win the competition, we know that it will just turn into more spirit the next time we have to cheer for our division. The only thing we lost during that competition was our voices.”

When the convention came to a close, Key Clubbers were free to spend the entire day on the rides. After hours of enjoyment, JP Key Club headed home with great memories, looking forward to a successful year before returning to the Rally next fall.

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