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You Know You Go To JPS When…

By ANDREW YE, senior,
RACHEL DIAO, junior,
SRIDHAR SRIRAM, junior, and
CLAIRE PAN, sophomore

…parents try their best to inconspicuously take photos of the list of honor roll students in the lobby.

…the Chemis-tree has been in JP longer than most teachers.

…you have a newfound respect for the science department after Halloween.

…on the day before winter break, you run into a caroling musical group no matter which hallway you take.

…you have second thoughts about buying a Yankee Candle for the class fundraiser because you could buy eight bottles of Febreze with the same amount of money.

…the Spanish Honor Society’s “Navidad,” a truly multi-cultural event, serves lo mein and pizza in addition to Hispanic cuisine.

…there are decapitated owls on the roof.

…winter athletes rejoice every time “all after school activities are canceled due to inclement weather conditions.”

…it takes an hour for the marching band to walk from the front lawn to the football field.

…you panicked when someone told you that Parent Portal was shut down for the duration of winter break.

…you see people wearing sandals and shorts during the winter.

…the new foods room is nicer than your kitchen.

…you feel bad because you accidentally told three different people that you would buy sports apparel from them…

…but you spent all your money on fundraisers in the front lobby.

…the class of 2015 thought it was going to have its prom in the school cafeteria…

…but by a remarkable twist of fate, and with much help from their advisors, managed to put down a deposit for Addison Park.

…meanwhile, the class of 2016 is planning to have prom on a cruise ship overlooking the New York skyline.

…upperclassmen go to the club fair for the free food.

…someone accidentally sets off the fire alarm at 5 p.m….

…causing extracurricular activities to wait outside in the cold for half an hour.

…you have class with a Grammy-nominated director every day.

…the orchestra plays holiday music in October.

…marching band shoes aren’t allowed in gym class.

…teachers give two-day tests that are split up by a week and a half of vacation.

…you struggle to be the first student to ask a teacher to buy citrus, cheesecake, or sports apparel.

…the announcement that students will not be marked late happens after you have completed your high-speed dash to homeroom.

…the school store sells JP-themed flip flops even during the winter.

…students never know when they can count on a snow day.

…new doors are installed in the boys’ bathrooms…

…but most of them remain locked.

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