On November 25, 2013, New Jersey FCCLA held its annual Fall Leadership Connection at Pines Manor in Edison. The fall conference, the largest in FCCLA history with over 720 attendees, motivated members to realize the importance of family, career preparation, and leadership.
The conference included several community service efforts, interactive workshops, and informative round tables. Students listened to the inspirational words of keynote speaker Jim Steffen as he delivered a speech about how fitness and staying positive are essential to maintaining health. Club members, officers, and college staff and students conducted round table presentations that provided onlookers with information about the organization and various colleges.
The Fall Leadership Conference contained many competitive events and JP students were very successful in their respective competitions. They won a total of thirty gold medals and seven silver medals. Congratulations to all the participants for their outstanding dedication toward their successive competitions.
One of the most popular events at the Fall Conference was the Cupcake Challenge. Participants from high schools all over New Jersey baked cupcakes that contained a surprise challenge ingredient. The cupcake challenge was very successful and NJ FCCLA raised $2,475 to donate to the national organization Share Our Strength.
FCCLA has always been devoted to helping young men and women become leaders. At conferences such as the Fall Leadership Connection, JP students are able to network with other club members and learn about the importance of education and leadership. FCCLA members are proud of the results of the conference, which truly provided the ultimate leadership experience.

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