Message in a Bottle

An Inseparable Bond


What’s in the plastic tennis bottle

A loving letter to a father from a caring daughter

“I love you forever and always”

Ink fading away as the bond holds strong in an ocean of memories

Engulfing pebbles weigh down the bottle

Warm baby Jesus lies in a straw basket

while Santa kneels in respect

Festive stamp buried beneath pebbles

repeats stout Santa’s sneak into a chimney

Carrying a sack full of Christmas wishes


Father’s signature stamp lies at the bottom

Inky cursive letters overlapping

Invading each other’s space

Memories of Daddy’s office resonate

A little girl on father’s lap

Stamping letters with a grin

Memories float and sink

Hoping to be released

A plastic bottle of thoughts

Strong against Poseidon’s will

With tape sealing a daughter’s love.

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