JP Day

By PALNA MEHTA, junior

A sense of pride and unity filled the air as the students of John P. Stevens High School arrived on a chilly Saturday morning to celebrate the 4th annual JP Day. On October 18th, the school hosted a fundraising event in which various clubs organized activities and performances for the students and their families. Senior Julia Zou explains, “JP Day is such an enjoyable day for people to have fun and relax. I’ve personally gone every year since freshmen year and I’ve always had a good time with friends and family.”

This year, JP Stevens attempted to raise enough money to construct a greenhouse. Those who donated $10 or more were entered into a raffle to win a 50” Toshiba flat screen television. Those who donated $20 received three entries and those who donated $50 received ten entries.

In order to ensure an afternoon filled with enjoyment and entertainment, clubs set up fun activities, catchy songs, and group games. Each club had its own booth: Hawkeye had a station where people could decorate cookies, while FCCLA organized a cupcake decorating stand. Meanwhile, the members of Project Sunshine projected their artistic side as they ran the extremely popular henna tattoo station.

Outside, students enjoyed a bouncy house and participated in friendly games of volleyball. Among the popular outdoor activities was the unique game set up by Interact called “Pumpkin Sweeping.” The objective of the game was to win a race by using brooms to sweep pumpkins across the finish line. There were not only games available, but also different snacks to eat all over the school’s field. These included the Asian Pacific Art Club’s bubble tea and onigiri rice balls and a donut-eating contest hosted by The National Honor Society.

Inside the school, FBLA set up a ping-pong table in the cafeteria. Students also took part in friendly games of volleyball, basketball, and badminton inside the gym.  Musically inclined students were attracted to the JPS Choir’s karaoke machine and Guitar Club’s video game station, which featured favorites such as  “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band.”  Odyssey of the Mind also incorporated video games into their booth by inviting players to compete in “Just Dance” and “Super Smash Bros.”

The Academy of Science created a water balloon slingshot, while Science Honor Society taught people how to make “gak,” a mixture of borax, glue, and food dye. With Spanish Honor Society’s piñata bashing and Spanish bingo and Regalis’ ever-popular photobooth, attendees found themselves busy all day long.

JP Day has proved to be one of the most successful school traditions to date, as it joins the student body, faculty, and their families to come together and have fun. Proving to be more than just a fundraising event, JP Day fosters a sense of pride and support for the school in a unique, entertaining manner. Junior Samika Parab observed, “JP Day is a great way for everyone to come together and have some fun. It allows us all to connect with each other as we celebrate our school.”

[Featured image by JPS Regalis]

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