Conquering mornings


The Break of Dawn. No, not that terrible book by Stephanie Meyer, but rather, early morning when the sun is beginning to peek above the horizon, sending cascading waves of golden light across blankets of snow. And amidst this picturesque scene of optimism, there you are, stuck in the seemingly perpetual battle against time. On one hand, you know that school starts in forty minutes, that you have little time to spare, and that you simply cannot spend any more time in bed. But your warm sheets call to you as you step out into the cold breeze of 30 degree winter mornings; the soft cloth wraps and clings around your body, tempting you to remain in bed.

This everlasting morning battle cannot be overstated; it is no coincidence that a simple Google search “how to wake up” produces about 233,000,000 results (in only 0.28 seconds). Starting the day is an unfortunate aspect of all of our mornings, one that could be easily solved if we could simply pause time for a couple of minutes—or even hours—depending on how sleepy we are. Of course, such a feat would require groundbreaking research in quantum mechanics and physics, something I cannot offer you. What I can offer you, however, is insight into how exactly we can tackle this battle against mornings.

Often times, we find ourselves resorting to the most unorthodox of methods to ensure we wake up on time. We attempt to hire someone to hit a gong at increasing ten decibel intervals,  plan on paying a mariachi band to play lively 18th century songs, and spend countless hours constructing complex chain reactions to pour buckets of ice water on ourselves. In short, our desperation leads us back to setting alarms, which we ultimately sleep right through. (For those who are desperate enough, there exist bizarre alarm clocks, ranging from physical toys that will race around your room—think Tom & Jerry—to clocks that produce noises equivalent to those of jackhammers.) Yet, the sad truth is that we do eventually need to get up, whether it takes a jackhammer or our moms yelling at us, to uncurl, lift the edges of our covers, and roll onto the floor to begin our day.

But when we finally manage to trudge out of bed, a simple glance outside is enough to revert us back to to our lethargic habits. As we are now in the beginning of winter, waking up to the night sky fills us with despair and crushes all hope.

Okay, so maybe your mornings aren’t that emotional. But instead of treating this situation as a living nightmare, you can resolve this problem with an optimistic mindset. Just think about all the great things that can happen today: when you go to the vending machine, you might get two Snapples instead of one! And according to some meteorologists, Monday is the least rainy day of the week. Today’s the day to break out those new suede shoes of yours! And don’t forget that the chance of winning the Powerball is one out of 175,000,000. If you ignore all the 0’s, you have a great chance of winning the lottery today!

Whatever you decide, now that you’ve successfully left your bed, you can’t disregard the breeze that sends shivers down your spine. In the time that you have spent contemplating whether to get up or not, you probably could have gotten ready and arrived at school by now. But that’s okay, because even if you’ve taken your millionth trip to the attendance office, you can be excused from your detention by saving the world from a massive tidal wave tomorrow morning. That is, if you manage to get out of bed.

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