Springing into Action


All of the the spring sports teams have performed with heart, established impressive school records, reached extraordinary goals, and created everlasting memories. For these teams, representing the green and gold is a privilege, and they have earned the right to keep it. Let’s take a look at how the the spring sports teams have wrapped up their seasons.

Lawrence Lin, senior captain, jumps up for an overhead spike.

BOYS VOLLEYBALL: Thanks to the guidance of captains Kyle Mackiewicz (11), Lawrence Lin (12), and Michael Wang (12), the boys volleyball team finished their season with an impressive 13-10. The team also qualified for the quarterfinals of the GMCs and the state tournament. Coach White was very proud of his team’s performance; although the team lost in the first round at states, he considers the experience as a “good building block for the future.” With new standards and expectations, the volleyball team is determined to steadily improve and work its way up to a state championship title.

BOYS AND GIRLS LACROSSE: The boys lacrosse team, led by senior captains Ravi Thaker and Alex Zias, have put up a fight at every game to keep games close throughout the season. Exceptional players such as Robert Distefano (10), who led the team with 43 goals, were key to the team’s many victories. Coach Siter emphasizes technique as a catalyst for improvement, stating, “Over the offseason, we need to work on throwing, catching, and shooting—the basics. If we get those down, we will be unstoppable.” The girls lacrosse team was led by captains Bianna Koutsenko, Krishna Patel, and Natasha Rai along with outstanding juniors including Molly Yelencsics, who scored 25 goals and had 13 assists, and Lauren Tencza, who scored 21 goals and had 4 assists. Coach Dato understands the importance of developing young player’s potential, stating, “We only had six returning players this year, so our program is really young. We plan to utilize the offseason and help the young players turn into skilled veterans by the time our next season starts.”

BOYS AND GIRLS SPRING TRACK: Led by captains Ryan Daly (12), Zoeb Mohammedshah (11), and Lucas Dunatov (11) along with outstanding performer Aaron John, who ran the 800m in 1:56.23, the boys track and field team kept meets close due to their determination and hard work at practices. According to Coach Martinez, “The team has a lot of young talent, lots of sophomores, and lots of potential to become a great team. That’s what we are going to work on in the offseason: turning these sophomores into magnificent runners.” The girls track and field team, led by senior captain Megan Gregory, go through dynamic stretches, pilates, and five-mile distance runs at every practice. The team was propelled forward by the performances of Jamina Morris (11) and Mikhayla Sabo (9) on the track and Violet Kimble (10) and Tahira Harmon (9) on the field. When asked about the team’s future, Coach Riggi confidently asserts, “We graduate a lot of talent each year, and we had some great young performances this year. I am confident that this team will make next year a year to remember.”

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