A License to Chill


Bright red lights and black drapery transformed the cafeteria for the JP Stevens James Bond-­themed homecoming dance on October 15. Just outside the cafeteria, an elegant red carpet was placed for the reception of guests. As students entered the cafeteria, they were welcomed by tables adorned with red tablecloths, gold coins, and mini playing cards. Hanging above the dance floor were lanterns decorated with spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs.

Attendees sported formal attire, adhering to the black, red and white theme. While some students danced, others enjoyed the photo­booth, where they could take pictures with a variety of props, such as sunglasses, the numbers “007,” bowties, and feather boas. Those who took a break from dancing headed over to the refreshments table where pretzels, popcorn, and Shirley Temples served in champagne glasses were available. While students enjoyed dancing to their favorite songs with their friends, the DJ livened the atmosphere even more by releasing clouds of smoke. Juniors Meghan Truong and Paul Trivedic were then crowned homecoming duchess and duke respectively. The king and queen, Matthew Flores and Samantha Dzema, were crowned the following day at the homecoming football game.

Just after the crowning, the lights were turned back off, and couples slow danced to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.” The party then picked up pace again as everyone danced to a few more upbeat songs. Senior Samika Parab commented, “My last homecoming dance was absolutely a memorable event. I had so much fun dancing and taking pictures with all my friends. The decorations and atmosphere really matched the theme. Overall it was well­managed and nicely put together.”

The night certainly would not have been successful without the meticulous planning of the Student Council executive board. After voting on the idea of a James Bond theme, the executive board officers, Special Events Committee, and Publicity Committee immediately began creating intricate decorations, aiming to create an atmosphere similar to that of the movie Casino Royale. On the day of the dance, members of the executive board stayed after school to set up and decorate for the event. Special Events Committee member senior Riya Juneja explained, “It was fun brainstorming cool ways to showcase the theme. We went shopping together for decorations and spent our weekends working on the decorations and setting up for the dance. We really bonded throughout the preparation for homecoming!”

Student Council members were pleased with the results. Junior Kyle Gordon, President of Student Council, remarked, “This year, our primary goal as Student Council is to truly unite the student body, so we worked very hard to listen to our fellow students’ suggestions, publicize the event, and execute our plan to perfection. All said and done, approximately 700 students attended the dance, which we think is a true testament to the dedication and hard work of all the members of Student Council, and also to our JP Stevens Hawks family.”

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