A Splendid Social


On October 1, the Freshmen Social, organized by Student Council, got off to a dynamic start with a great turnout for the evening. As some volunteers hastily assembled the freshmen into groups in the lobby, the students talked animatedly, buzzing about the upcoming event. Student Council had “done a lot of different things to plan the social to make it engaging for the entire freshmen class,” according to junior Kyle Gordon, president of Student Council.

As the evening progressed, the groups participated in interactive games such as the human knot, duck duck goose, the name game, obstacle courses, and follow the leader. A music station in the back of the cafeteria blared pop music while the DJ generated a jovial atmosphere. Other activities the freshmen enjoyed were karaoke battles, Knockout, and decorating other students as Christmas trees. Mr. Baer, Student Council advisor and organizer of the event, expressed, “The communication piece at the heart of the Freshmen Social makes the event engaging and interactive. The spirit was great and everyone was having fun.” He also acknowledged the increasing participation in the Freshmen Social as compared to that of the past years. “We love the turnout this year. We have more this year than we have had any other year so far.”

After a few icebreakers, different groups shifted to the cafeteria, where Student Council had prepared snacks and drinks for the freshmen. The excitement then reached its apex as everyone headed back to the gym for the final round of festivities. The lights dimmed, the music station sent disco lights flying across the ceiling while the DJ blasted loud music. Several students burst forth in a spontaneous display of dancing to hit songs like Fetty Wap’s “Come My Way,” Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/ Nae Nae),” and the “Cupid Shuffle,” encouraging eruption of cheers from the audience.

The meticulous preparations and planning of Student Council ensured the success of the Freshmen Social. The event allowed the newest members of JP Stevens to have an evening of fun, with old friends of the past and potential new friends for the future.

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