Freshmen Elections


Class of 2019 cheered as Mr. Baer introduced the candidates of the freshman class council on September 30. Twelve students ran for four council positions, each expressing his or her unique thoughts and ideas for making the next four years as memorable as possible. After much anticipation, hard work, and a great deal of persuading, four freshmen were elected to represent their fellow classmates for the following year: Gabrielle Lopez as President, Karina Melgar as Vice President, Scott Karpenos as Secretary, and Roshan Setlur as Treasurer.

In the time leading up to elections, candidates spent most of their time preparing for posters and speeches both at home and at school. Catchy and creative posters were soon displayed around the hallways of JP, encouraging all to vote. An “If you’re reading this, it’s not too late to vote “Monica for Secretary” sign, a parody of Drake’s album cover, garnered chuckles from students while they passed from class to class, while a portrait of Paula Deen with the caption, “You BUTTER be voting Lopez for prez” stood out. Everyone became aware that Freshmen Elections were coming, with JP’s beige walls filled with posters. “Each poster reflected the candidates’ personalities, which ultimately influenced our decisions as spectators to choose the candidate that appealed to us the most,” remarked freshman, Neha Choudhari.

All freshmen then gathered in the auditorium for the speeches. After student council president, junior Kyle Gordon, explained how the process of the speeches would proceed—one minute was given to Treasurer, Secretary, and Vice President candidates, and two minutes to Presidential candidates, the speeches began.

Rida Javed, running for treasurer, kicked off her speech by donning a pair of flashing dollar sign­shaped glasses, proving that she could manage all financial needs for Class of 2019. Roshan Setlur and Arnav Patel followed with similar ideas to help fundraise—restaurant dine­ins and more school dances.

The nominees for secretary, Monica Ghosal, Scott Karpenos, and Sriyu Gaglani, proposed for events such as movie nights, karaoke nights, and video game nights that would accumulate towards the class fund.

Vice president candidates Brian Dan­Ding and Karina Melgar then caught class of 2019’s attention with the topics of food and prom. Brian Dan­Ding expressed his passion for food and suggested better refreshments at school dances, while Karina Melgar focused mainly on prom. “What makes me different from other candidates? I plan. Way before the deadline comes. And if I get elected, I will start planning for prom immediately,” she guaranteed.

The presidential candidates then took to the podium with numerous plans to make the class of 2019’s high school careers the best. Ariocie Liang started off by listing her personal achievements, ensuring that she would be an efficient class president, whereas Shivam Yadaf proposed a class color run and an art night to make high school more enjoyable while also fundraising for the class. Gabrielle Lopez closed her speech by proving that her persistence and passion for student council would make her a great president.

While some regard student council elections as “just another popularity vote,” both candidates and Mr. Baer view it as an important step for creating a great four years in high school. In fact, Mr. Baer is already planning to aim high with these class council representatives. “I am hoping this year’s class representatives use their creativity and drive to fundraise enough money to build toward the best prom possible. With these determined candidates, I believe class of 2019 will go above and beyond, exceeding all expectations.”

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