JP Day


The DJ club’s thundering pop music and the orchestra octet’s relaxing tunes greeted students and their families on the morning of JP Day on October 17. Clubs set up a variety of stations, ranging from friendly eating competitions to competitive bean bag tosses, that appealed to people of all ages.

In the front lobby, the teachers held a fundraiser to support the JP Stevens Greenhouse. With contributions ranging from $10 to $50, donors entered a raffle to win the prize of either a gift­ card basket or a 50­-inch plasma television. All proceeds go toward furnishing the newly-
installed greenhouse with composting wigwams, garden tools, storage units, planters, and other devices.

When students arrived on the front lawn, they had the chance to participate in a myriad of entertaining activities. Many were instantly drawn to the National Honor Society’s popular donut-­eating contest in which students were challenged to bob for donuts without using their hands. Next to the National Honor Society station was the Asian Pacific Arts Club’s bubble­ tea stand. The club members prepared traditional Japanese rice balls and delicious samples of bubble tea by mixing various flavored syrups, coffee powders, and tapioca pearls.

Nearby, Project Sunshine held a henna­-decorating station where members painted Chinese characters and other creative designs. Sophomore Kelly Chen reflected, “The Project Sunshine executive board did a lot of behind­-the-­scenes­-preparation for JP Day. Most importantly, we had to coordinate with other clubs that were planning similar activities. Our station turned out to be a success because many people were interested in getting henna tattoos.”

Additionally, in the outdoor arena, the theater students held two comical improvisation shows, where actors played roles requested by the audience. Many students were also attracted to the inflatable outdoor stations in which they were able to play a variety of sports such as baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. Next to the athletic station, students eagerly lined up in pairs to race through the inflatable obstacle course.

There was a plethora of engaging activities inside the school as well. After students competed in games of badminton and volleyball in the gym, they headed near the cafeteria, where the Cyberhawks Club held a computer­science trivia game. The club members challenged students to complete a difficult forensics­-style puzzle piecing contest, and the Art Club ran a station in which members transformed hand prints into creative animal designs and popular characters.

Furthermore, there was a variety of hands-­on activities, where students could bring home interesting hand­-made products. Interact held a bracelet-­making station while the Science Honor Society held a popular “gak”­making activity, where students learned to produce colorful samples of slime by mixing water, glue, and borax together.

Inside the cafeteria, JPAWS taught students how to make origami animals and planes and distributed various types of tattoos and animal stickers. Next to the JPAWS station, FBLA held a fundraiser for the “March of Dimes” charity, where members sold paper pumpkins and wristbands to those who donated to March of Dimes, a charity organization with a mission to end premature birth. FBLA also ran a popular table­-tennis station, where students competed in exciting rounds of ping-­pong. A historian of FBLA, junior Tej Sista remarked, “I’m really glad that I decided to spend JP Day helping FBLA raise money for a good cause. I also got the chance to hang out with my friends and promote the March of Dimes foundation.”

At the end of the event, the DJ Club hosted the highly anticipated raffle­drawing event. First, Ms. Donna Beresford won the drawing for a basket filled with gift­cards. Next, the grand-prize drawing was held, and the winner, Lily Paris, was called to accept her prize of a new plasma television.

Overall, this year’s JP Day successfully continued the 6­-year tradition of raising funds to improve the JP Stevens community. As Ms. Pawlikowski commented, “JP Day started as a ‘thank you’ event for everyone who helped us raise money for the school’s electric sign. Over time, its purpose has changed to bring the community together and give the kids a day of fun.”

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