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The Golden Guide to Productivity


FOR YEARS, high schoolers have tried in vain to attain “productivity.” Many students struggle to reach this elusive status, losing themselves in the incomprehensible depths of the Internet with no luck in finding this so­called “productivity.” The insanity that follows is inevitable and is the leading cause of CETE (Cramming on Every Test Ever) Disease. If you follow my advice, I can guarantee you will become a better time manager and a more productive person.

Clear Your Mind
First, you must create the right ambience. Construct an elaborate setup of scented candles and live violin music. For enhanced results, purchase and install a fully­functioning luxury Jacuzzi. You will begin to ooze a productive spirit as you lay in the gentle hot water and let the soothing notes surround you. When you emerge two hours later, your body will have unwound and will be prepared to hunch over your desk for the rest of the night. If your parents object to your new routine, just ignore them—you don’t need that kind of negativity.

Clear Your Area of Distractions
Start off by setting up an intricate passcode system for all of your electronic devices. Use all of your computer programming knowledge to make sure you cannot access your social media and texting accounts (coding encrypted digital locks is the best method). If you don’t know how to establish a security wall on your phone, I recommend you immediately enroll in a college­level programming class or hire a professional to help you do so. Sacrifices are essential for success in this endeavor, and by taking these precautionary steps, you will have an advantage over your peers when it comes to working efficiently.

Make Sure You Are Not Hungry
No one can work well on an empty stomach. Prepare a snack that is well­balanced, healthy, and creative. For the best results, watch a 60­minute cooking tutorial on the Food Network. If you’re missing anything, take a trip to the nearest gourmet store and stock up. Do not rush the cooking procedure; remember, productive people strive for nothing less than excellence. When your food is ready, grab your utensils and begin feasting!

Make Sure You Are Well Rested
By now, you may feel fatigued because of all your other preparatory efforts. Any such lethargy is, without a doubt, unacceptable. To make the most out of your time, rejuvenate yourself with a brief nap. After all, how can you expect to perform at your highest level with bags underneath your eyes? If you have trouble sleeping earlier than 11 p.m., you must remove all outside disturbances that might disrupt your sleep. Craft your own handmade sleeping mask (silk only), or take it a step further and cover your windows with black cloth to prevent moonlight from streaming in.

Now you are ready to experience the world through a different perspective. Following these steps will release your inner worker. By the time you begin studying, it should be about 1 a.m. But fear not, because rather than spending the previous day wasting time, you spent it preparing your mind for the next crucial few hours of the early morning.

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