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YKYGS November 2015

HARSHITA JAIN, sophomore,

…no matter what day of the year you wear an Odyssey of the Mind shirt, you end up twinning with someone.

…everyone comes back to school 50 shades tanner…

…not from summer vacation, but from marching band.

…nobody wants to play in the PARCC…

…because everyone is too upSAT.

…you’re forced to dress decently because the apparel you ordered from ten different clubs hasn’t arrived yet.

…the pictures for September Seniors of the Month go up in June.

…you forget your individual login…

…but you can’t log onto a computer to check it.

…fundraising at the beginning of the year is difficult because you’re too scared to ask your new teachers to buy oranges…

…but you hope they like you by the time cheesecake sales come around.

…more people are talking about the TI­84 Plus CE than are about the iPhone 6s.

…the counseling department has a Twitter page.

…you find out that your best friend is in the Republican elections…

…running as Donald Trump for Model UN.

…people are laughing in the hallways, but hurricanes are no Joaquin matter!

…you won’t ever see bullies shoving victims in lockers…

…because no one is able to fit into the new half­sized ones.

…you can’t tell if someone’s trying out a new yoga pose or just trying to get cellphone signal.

…sprinting through the hallways makes you wonder why gym class is necessary.

…the most popular clothing brand in school is CustomInk.

…you get your daily weather report as you run from the A­wing to the cafeteria.

…you consider writing to Congress about selling Gertrude Hawk Chocolate and JP apparel to get rid of the national debt.

…you think twice before acting, three times before posting something on social media, and four times before publishing a YKYG.

…funds for the greenhouse could have been raised overnight if the school had charged an admission fee for the Club Fair.

…you buy five bars of chocolate each from the first few people you see, only to find out the next day that you have to sell over 200.

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