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Now Trending: How To Start Your Own Trend


The greatest part about cultural trends is their unpredictability. One day, you’ll be giving odd glances to kids wearing cuffed sweatpants . Give it a week, and suddenly everyone’s rocking joggers in all different colors and patterns. Most trends don’t happen overnight, but blink your eyes and often you will find that what was supposedly “in” has become yesterday’s news. How exactly do these trends start and how can you start your own?

If there’s one thing that trends have in common, it’s that everyone hates them when they first show up. Here’s a tip: do something completely out of the norm, and make sure that people take note of it. The more people who dislike your supposed trend, the better. As your trend gains attention, more and more people will be likely to embrace it in an effort to “deviate from the norm.” People have an obsession with being ahead of the curve, and exploiting them is the perfect way to spread your own trend.

If you really want to start a trend though, know that it all starts with social media. Spam your Snapchat story every time you go to the next “new” place, or are wearing the latest shoes. The more people see your trend, the more likely they are to try it out. Want to get everyone obsessed with that new restaurant downtown you just visited? Set up a photoshoot at your table and Instagram the pictures with paragraph­-long captions. Follow this up with weekly posts about how badly you want to go back. At first people will ignore your constant ravings, but eventually they will become so inundated that they will be forced to try out the restaurant.

When you really want to put the icing on top of the cake, make a Vine out of your trend; people will be sure to re­enact it over and over again. Start out by finding some Vine celebrity who is willing to jump on board with your idea. Then, sit back and relax as thousands and thousands of people replicate your Vine both in person and on their own accounts. Suddenly, anytime you use the word “lie” you are greeted with a chorus of “Why you always lyin’?” (even though it has nothing to do with the conversation). Annoying? Yes. An indispensable part of pop culture trends? Unfortunately.

A combination of social media and an uncomfortable shock factor are necessary to start a trend. Make a statement, parrot that statement to your friends and followers, and pretty soon everyone will be eager to join you. But don’t let it get to your head; in the blink of an eye, that trend will be gone, and pretty soon, everyone will have moved on. It almost makes it seem pointless doesn’t it? Well, it’s time I get back to my caramel drizzle latte and galaxy snuggie. Good luck.

Image Source: http://ingredientsnetwork.com/47/pdcnewsitem/03/84/62/New-trends-in-internet-marketing-for-smaller-enterprises.jpg

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