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You Know You Go to JPS when…

  1. …Edmodo is the new hottest social media site.
  2. …you bring in a thick jacket to school during the winter because it seems half the building does not have functional heating…
  3. ….only to realize that the coat won’t fit in your locker.
  4.  …pajama day is the only spirit day students actually take rally behind.
  5. …remembering MLA format is more important than remembering the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  6. …your class Instagram has more followers than your own account does.
  7. …pop quizzes quickly become the center of conversation.
  8. …you learn in gym that “speed walking” is an Olympic sport.
  9. …the lost and found is a veritable treasure chest.
  10. …the two most common causes of injury are “drowned in flood of college essays” and “crushed by SAT book avalanche.”
  11. …your teacher e-mails you more often that your friends do to remind you about upcoming quizzes and tests.
  12. …school spirit is needed almost as much as new fundraising ideas.
  13. …“Dogs Teaching Chemistry” is the new KhanAcademy.
  14. …most students have lost faith in the “growth mindset”…
  15. …because the lockers only seem to get smaller and smaller.
  16. …space on the cafeteria walls is prized real estate for advertising club meetings.
  17. …to demonstrate how important red decals are, Driver’s Ed teachers take students outside to look at the cars in the parking lot…
  18. …but only fifteen cars actually have them.
  19. …the increasing number of littered Gertrude Hawk chocolate wrappers makes you wonder whether we’re responsible for all that pollution.
  20. Hawkeye’s online print archives are blocked by school computers.
  21. …you use most of your cellular data to check Parent Portal.
  22. …school spirit is encouraged…
  23. …but half of your teachers say you weren’t “invited” to the winter pep rally.
  24. …you know which vending machines work, where you can get signal, and when your teachers’ lunch periods are.
  25. …but you still don’t know who your school is named after…

  26. …unless you check the Hawkeye archives.

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