Clash of the Classes



ON MAY 27, all the class teams and student supporters of JP gathered in the old gym for Battle of the Classes, the final and most competitive spirit contest of the year.

The competition tested each grade’s cooperation, strength, and sportsmanship through a variety of performances and competitions. The competitive events and various performances kept all the students sitting at the edge of their seats. All of these activities required teamwork and the trust of everyone on the team.

“It definitely took a lot of work, and at times I felt burnt out,” said freshman Ryan Orth. “But once we finished the events andBOTC was over, I knew it was worth it.” The event kicked off with all the classes holding up their banners and presenting the dances choreographed by each team. The grades went in consecutive order, starting with the freshmen and ending with the seniors, and every grade incorporated a unique element that made their dance special. A highlight of the event was when the seniors kicked off their dance with an iconic tribute to the movie Black Panther as they chanted while circling around the gym. Supporters from each grade cheered for their fellow teammates and showcased their true team spirit during the dance routines.

“It was overall a really fun experience, but at first it was hard to get the team to actually cooperate together.” said Laurel Sarkaria, a member of the freshman BOTC team. “Once we created our dance and actually competed, everyone had a lot of fun and it didn’t really matter that we lost. I would have to say it’s one of the better school events I’ve been to and participated in this year.”

Then, the classes competed in “Pass the Hula Hoop” where the teams had to pass a hula hoop to the next person in the circle without using their hands. Both the speed and flexibility of the competitors were put to the test during this competition.

Next came the “Under-Over Basketball” competition, where students standing in lines in front of the basketball hoops had to alternatively score under and over the hoop without dropping the ball. The first team to have everyone successfully shoot the ball would win the competition.

Afterward, the teams participated in the classic game of tug of war, probably the most anticipated event of the night. The teams were split into boys and girls and each group competed separately. In a surprising turn of events, the freshmen ended up defeating the juniors during their tug of war match.

Next up was the “Balloon Pop” competition, where teams of students stood on one side of the gym, lined up in boy-girl order. Students had to run from the start line to a chair where they had to pop balloons given to them by sitting on them without using their hands. Whichever team completed this task first would win this section of the event.

As the competition came to a close, the pressure and stakes increased. Each grade huddled together to devise a strategic plan in order to win the last few competitive events and win the title.

Next, the teams participated in the “Hungry Hippo” competition, which was the most enjoyable for the audience to witness. At the sound of the horn, a pair from each team raced into the center of the gym. The game required that one person push their partner using their legs into the center of the court while they were on a scooter. The objective of the game was to collect as many items as possible from the center with a basket.

Finally, the last event was the obstacle course which had several contests within itself: the foul shot, jump roping, the wheelbarrow race, soccer dribbling, the three legged race, pie eating, and the frisbee throw.

This was the largest and most difficult competition of the night, and with the seniors and juniors neck and neck, this was a pivotal event for each of the teams. The competition was close, but the seniors ended up winning the obstacle course.

At the end of the competition, teams were tense as the judges counted up not only the points that each team scored that night, but also each class’s spirit points that they obtained throughout the year.

After a short wait, the seniors were crowned the victors of BOTC, winning by a narrow margin over the other grade levels and demonstrating their undeniable school spirit.

“Winning Battle of the Classes was the perfect way to close out senior year. The high turnout for our class was amazing and all the hard work we put into our dance really paid off. I’ve never felt closer to my class than when I participate in Battle of the Classes,” said senior Abhinav Rajashekar.

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