What is one thing seniors should do before they graduate JP?

  • Go to as many school events as you can. — Devanshu Amin
  • Eat every single food option in the cafeteria just for fun. — Justin Matos
  • Participate in a senior prank. — Franklin Guo
  • Swim in the senior lot when it’s flooded. — Christina Seo
  • Try the chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips from the cafeteria. — Abby Thompson
  • Get the nurse to send you home for senioritis. — Shivam Khandelwal
  • Go to Mr. JPS! No ifs, ands, or buts. — Brian Dan-Ding
  • Go to at least one game for every sports team. — Elizabeth Kausch
  • Participate in Unplug Day. — Brendan Tang
  • Talk to those friends you’ve been meaning to catch up with but never did. — Karina Melgar
  • Find/read the many quotes located throughout the school. — Anish Raj
  • Take an English test without reading the book. — Ishaan Masand
  • Start a slow clap in the cafeteria. — Pooja Patel
  • Take a nap in the nurse’s office. — Sonam Rupani
  • Play a whole team in NitroBall by yourself… and win! — Jana Li
  • Pull an all-nighter with friends. — Riya Gandhi
  • Get their car flooded in the senior lot. — Sanjana Bhanushali
  • Hide behind the mats on the turf so you don’t have to run the track. — April Wang
  • Have your entire class stay silent for an entire class period. — Nitish Nimma
  • Attend prom! It’s a fun experience that you’ll regret not going to. — Nicole Maini
  • Try everything on the Taco Bell menu—all at once. — Kylen Bao

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