What is your biggest regret at JP?

  • Not learning how to sleep during study hall in the auditorium seats sooner. — Abby Thompson
  • Figuring out that JP DOESN’T have a swimming pool. — Pradhyum Krishnan
  • Trying hard in class. — Ritvik Khandelwal
  • Procrastinating on everything. — Mehak Juneja
  • Worrying too much about what everyone thought about me. — Alexis Medovoy
  • Worrying too much about grades. — Vipul Setty
  • Trying so hard. — Stephanie Behan
  • Not caring enough about my GPA. — Hrishikesh Bopalkar
  • Not finding a way to get past the gate of the B-wing staircase. — Jana Li
  • Not enjoying high school because these 4 years go by fast. — Manasi Narayan
  • Not trying the sandwich line until senior year. — Lekhya Kollu
  • Not buying insurance for my macbook. — Aislinn Verma
  • Missing our gym volleyball championship game in sophomore year. — Avi Sura
  • Not trying every flavor of Gertrude Hawk. — Pooja Patel
  • Not persuading Dr. Adornato to shave that beard of his. — Derek Shum
  • Not trying enough in freshman year. — Yeshu Pulijala
  • Not exploring the many opportunities JP has to offer. — Sidney Wu

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