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What is your most cherished memory at JP?

  • Asking the janitor for my locker combo again and seeing the disappointed look on his face. — Himanshu Patankar
  • Gathering in the parking lots on PARCC or PSAT days. — Anna
  • Moskaleva Celebrating Mole Day. — Ami Patel
  • Having to run out into the J-LOT in the pouring rain to save my car from flashflooding DURING MY ENGLISH QUARTERLY. — Shivam Yadav
  • Getting to go home at 12:30. — Sarah Saad
  • Being the host of Mr. JPS! — Samantha Heely
  • Meeting and getting to help with Mr. Bruno and his students. — Annie Dreitser
  • Riding my unicycle around dressed as a clown with a horn on Halloween. — Dominick Savoth
  • Meeting up at my friend’s locker everyday before homeroom. — Amulya Nagella
  • Pajama Day. — Riya Varshney
  • Playing COD on a LAN server sophomore year. — Aris Chung
  • The family I got while swimming and playing lacrosse. — Matt Milcsik
  • The day when the stars perfectly aligned together and my first four period teachers were all absent: sleep-fest. — Sam Chen
  • Screaming at the geese in the courtyard during Java. — Sarah Schildkraut
  • Meeting my friends. — Gabby Plodzien
  • Hosting the Prom Fashion Show! — Karishma Shenoy
  • The physics trip during junior year! — Sruthi Yuvaraj
  • Making new friends. — Isha Patel
  • Model UN Trips! — Praneeth Bhattiprolu
  • Sleeping in during PARCC week. — Pooja Patel
  • When I fell asleep during a chemistry quiz and rushed through it with 10 minutes left and still managed to pass. — Rakshanaa Sethuraj
  • Trying to understand physics with Mr. Mayes. — Kartheek Mada
  • Playing Stickman Golf in Mr. Hrevnak’s class. — Alex Xie
  • Pulling three all nighters in a row to finish a month’s work of my english essay. — Ritika Patel
  • Explaining to teachers what “Gotem” and “Yeet” meant. — Samridhya Mukherjee
  • Befriending Dr. Shallop. — Derek Shum
  • Providing food for my lab partners during physics projects. — Reeya Shah

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