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You know you went to JP when…

  • …even on the AP Gov trip, you’re still checking Google Classroom. — Muskan Shrivastava
  • …the cafeteria cookies are your highlight of the day. — Shivam Yadav
  • …someone in each of your classes watches Buzzfeed Tasty for at least half the period. — Justin Matos
  • …flooding in the senior lot is the best unofficial field day. — Christina Seo
  • …you study for your test next period while lifting weights in gym. — Sophie Weinberg
  • …everyone makes fun of your ability to read names on the loudspeakers until you give them a list of names and they can’t read them properly. — Steven Wall
  • …a storage room office has been your locker and homeroom for the past three years. — Brian Dan-Ding
  • …people actively search for a way to bypass website restrictions. — Alan Yu
  • …you enter freshman year of college having taken half the classes. — Manav Jadeja
  • …the most philosophical discussion of the day deals with hot lunch ratings. — Sam Chen
  • …Applied Calc = Flappy Golf Fall/ Winter/Spring/Summer Olympics. — Arnav Sacheti
  • …people are Jewish, Hindu, and Muslim, at least according to the number of excused holidays they’ve used. — Nethra Jayaprakash
  • …people are writing essays while walking during passing. — Bansari Patel
  • …you’re waiting eagerly for Captain Calculus to make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. — Girish Ganesan
  • …you’re about to fail your classes right before you graduate. — Vivek Kshatriya
  • …they play Bollywood music at prom. — Dhvani Kakabalia
  • …the Bollywood memes get the most laugh out of any part of your project. — Pranav Krishna
  • …the rumor that CoolMath was being shut down made you sad. — Vidisha Jha
  • …you leave your phone out in the locker rooms but hide your graphing calculator. — Poonam Setlur
  • …“Let’s get food” almost always means Taco Bell. — Roshan Setlur
  • …the school nurses use fear tactics to keep you from taking a nap. — Samhitha Saiba
  • …you’re left sitting outside alone in the snow during lunch because your friends chickened out. — Abhay Dhiman
  • …you can buy samosas at the football games. — Akanksha Ramabadran
  • …no homework day is the biggest lie. — Ved Udare
  • …you feel the temperature difference from upstairs to downstairs. — Sanjana Airen
  • …the lockers go down by half a size each consecutive year. — Meenu Pillai
  • …you watch your Parent Portal like the stock market. — Adrian Wang

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