Catwoman Prevails

By SAANVI NARULA, freshman

ON MARCH 25, Mr. JPS took place in the auditorium with a completely sold-out show. This event has been an ongoing tradition at JP Stevens for several years, but in-person productions were put on hold due to the pandemic. The doors opened at 6:30 PM, and the show lasted from 7 to 9:30 PM. The theme of the show was villains from both the DC and Marvel Comics. Mr. JPS was hosted by senior Ashna Varma, who played the role of Doctor Strange and introduced each villain of the night. Throughout the evening, the contestants put on many performances for the audience, all while competing for the title of Mr. JPS.

The event started off with each candidate introducing themselves and their respective month while stating why they should be crowned Mr. JPS, with a little friendly banter involved.

The boys then performed a group dance choreographed by junior Chloe Sanchez and sophomore Tara Prescott to a variety of popular, upbeat songs, which was a huge success. The show then progressed to “Month Wear,” where each contestant displayed an outfit representing their assigned month in a fun and creative way. Sleepwear was next, followed by one of the show’s most popular events: swimwear.

In the talent portion of the show, each candidate then showcased their individual talents, ranging from singing and dancing to cheerleading and cooking, in exciting performances.

To allow the audience to vote for whoever they thought had the most defined muscles and should be crowned the title of “Mr. Muscles,” the programs that were given out to audience members at the beginning of the show had a square ticket which could be placed into one of 12 buckets as a vote for Mr. Muscles.

The time and effort that went into the execution of Mr. JPS were tremendous, with around three months of planning that started immediately after winter break. The performers, comprised of juniors and seniors, were nominated by their peers. A lot of work also went into picking the right theme for the show and idea for the opening video. To help put on the production, the coordinated with several choreographers, videographers, and teachers. Mr. Baer worked with the contestants to make sure the details of the chants and speeches were both funny and creative.

Mr. Baer stated, “Mr. JPS is not only a staple, but also a tradition for our school community that brings together 12 complete strangers and turns them into brothers and friends. To sit and watch sincere and genuine relationships form over the course of this process is a privilege. It is hands down my favorite event and every year brings new memories, laughs, and experiences to cherish.”

The money raised from the event’s ticket sales will go towards various scholarships, helping with several projects around the school, and more.

Towards the end of the show, each candidate displayed their formal wear, accompanied by an escort. The boys were then asked questions related to the Marvel and DC comic universe, similar to the pageantry question process. The faculty judges—Mrs. Petrucelli, Ms. Truppa, Ms. Nixon, Ms. Tujague, and Mrs. Schrieks— then voted for who they felt was deserving of five titles: Mr. Congeniality, Mr. Charity, Mr. Talent, Mr. Muscles, and the grand title of Mr. JPS.

Junior Yash Khandelwal, a contestant, said, “Going into Mr. JPS, I thought that I’d just be competing for a sash, but never would I have known that I’d come out with a family so charismatic and kind. Mr. JPS is definitely an event I want to participate in again next year and I suggest that everyone should try getting on stage and enjoying it as we did on Friday.”

Senior Ayush Patel, who represented Mr. June as Catwoman, was ultimately crowned as Mr. JPS. All in all, Mr. JPS was an amazing event that brought our community together.

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