D.C. Fun With Orchestra


IN NOVEMBER, the JPS Chamber Orchestra performed in Washington D.C.  with the talented and esteemed symphony orchestra of the Catholic University of  America (CUA). The piece performed by the high school and university students was an introduction of “La Gazza Ladra” by Gioachino Rossini. The chamber orchestra played in conjunction with the university orchestra  to bring attention to the drama and melody of the piece and emphasize the notes in the music.

The JPS Chamber Orchestra students learned from the professional and more experienced symphony orchestra students of the CUA. “I’m really grateful for this opportunity to perform with the Catholic University of America,’’ said junior Kruthhika Sista, “I learned a lot from the university students which allowed me to truly improve and bring my skills to the next level. In  addition to that, I thoroughly enjoyed the multiple masterclasses run by high-profile  professional musicians.” In addition to the performance, students were able to tour Washington D.C. after rehearsals and visited various locations in  Georgetown and the city. The trip allowed for the JPS Chamber  Orchestra students to have a bonding experience with their peers as well. They  were able to have deeper conversations  with one another and discuss their passion  for music while visiting new places.

“This trip was a lot of fun for me as I  was able to explore new places in D.C.,”  notes junior Sofia Arora. “I also got to learn  more about my fellow peers in JPS Chamber  Orchestra and made several new friends. I will truly remember this exciting experience  forever!” This Washington D.C. trip not only focused both on performance and music but also centered around the experience the high school students were able to receive by spending a day in the city and in the shoes of college students. 

“When we weren’t rehearsing or  performing, we also got to walk around  Georgetown, take a tour of George Washington University, visit the National  Museum of American History and the Air and Space Museum, and visit the National  Mall,” states senior Joyce Chen.

“The  Washington D.C. trip definitely showed me  and my friends what life in college could  look like.” The JPS Chamber Orchestra students,  by mentoring under a university orchestra and touring the Washington D.C. city, were able to fully expand their knowledge and talents. This furthered the experience of these students beyond high school. With  time to explore an amazing city and venture  out of Edison, the trip was a success for the members of the Chamber Orchestra and  brought pride to JP Stevens and its music department.

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