ON MARCH 24, the Spanish Honor Society hosted Juguemos, its annual game night. Held in the cafeteria, the cultural event brought students and friends together for a fun, relaxing night filled with games, food, and music.

The cultural game night kicked off at 6 PM with attendees engaging in multiple entertaining activities and family-style games. A variety of games were available, ranging from Monopoly and Uno to more interactive ones like Battleship and Just Dance. Members were encouraged to bring in their own games, but many activities were available for them at the event regardless, such as Cornhole (a bean bag toss game) and Pin the Nose on the Frosty.

The event gave juniors and seniors a chance to relax and take a break from the stress of school and college admissions decisions in an exciting way. Several refreshments and desserts were available during the event, and upbeat music was played as well. SHH executive board members and volunteers helped set up the games, serve food and drinks during the event, and clean up after attendees left.

As the event came to an end, many students were reluctant to leave. Members of the Spanish Honor Society were able to socialize with each other and enjoy an evening filled with camaraderie and games, making Juguemos yet another successful event for SHH.

Junior Anjali Vajjalla said, “Juguemos was a fun event where I was able to hang out with friends, eat great food, and have fun with everyone. It was nice to have a break from everything and be able to play games with friends.”

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