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You Know You Go to JP When…

(Originally published March 2022)

… everyone becomes devoutly religious when there is potential to skip a day of school.
… avoiding assessments becomes a competitive event for second semester seniors.
… at any given moment there are at least ten pairs of airpods waiting to be claimed at the lost and found.
… you thought the pajama pants trend was stupid… but they’re actually really comfy.
… it’s snowy one day and 70 degrees the next.
… it feels like there’s a club trip every other week… and the one friend that has to carry you in lab is always absent.
… you thought a lot more people would take their masks off… but teenagers rightly don’t want to
display their faces in public.
… people have given up on selling their Gertrude Hawk bars and just give them out for free on the streets of JP (the hallways).
… there’s as many iterations of Wordle as there are people at JP.
… the people that write these YKYGs have to look up recipes for complex dishes like mashed potatoes and milkshakes.
… everyone compares how colorful their attendance sheet is.

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