Hawkeye is a forum for expression, a newspaper published independently by the student body. All articles express the views of their authors, not of the newspaper. Hawkeye reserves the right to edit all material.

Alicia Kang & Deeksha Udupa
News Editors
Samarth Patel
April Wang
Assistant News Editors
Neha Choudhari
Lekhya Kollu
Opinion Editors
Angela Cao
Diana D’Souza
Daniel Zhan
Assistant Opinion Editors
Rebecca Fang
Aditi Kalla
Features Editors
Kylen Bao
Prateek Khandelwal
Akshata Shukla
Assistant Features Editors
Anna Jiang
Jana Li
Sports Editors
Eric Li
Grace Wang
Assistant Sports Editors
Sam Chen
Irene Quan
Business Managers
Maggie Pan
Harshi Rasania
Assistant Manager
Khush Tated
Event Chairs
Somya Jain
Tharun Velishala
Creative Department Editor
Elisha Zhao
Art Editor
Julia Kim
Assistant Editor
Iris Tu
Photography Editor
Aarushi Govil
Mr. Louis Andreuzzi