Hawkeye is a forum for expression, a newspaper published independently by the student body. All articles express the views of their authors, not of the newspaper. Hawkeye reserves the right to edit all material.

Rebecca Fang & Irene Quan
News Editors
Sneha Bhattacharya
Abhinav Vayyeti
Assistant News Editors
Navleen Kaur
Varenya Mutnuri
Opinion Editors
Shivi Jindal
Nina Trousdale
Assistant Opinion Editors
Ishneet Kaur
Nilay Patel
Features Editors
Christopher Cheng
Saransh Saini
Assistant Features Editors
Ramaa Deshpande
Anisha Saple
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Brandon Choi
Jay Prasad
Assistant Sports Editors
Christie Chen
Benecia Zhang
Online Editors
Ansh Gupta
Shivan Mukherjee
Business Managers
Aryan Doshi
Tanya Mishra
Creative Department Editor
Cynthia Chen
Assistant Art Editor
Jaida Louie-Hollis
Mona Wu
Photography Editor
Rohith Nadimpally
Assistant Photography Editor
Nicholas Kimble
Maryam Mughal
Mr. Louis Andreuzzi