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The Hawkeye brings together a group of talented writers, artists, photographers, and business enthusiasts. The newspaper publishes 4-5 issues per school year, and membership is open to the entire school. Apply for a position today!

The spring application cycle is here! The application deadline is Monday, October 12th at 8:00 p.m. Please fill out the Google Form for each application you submit. If you have any questions, please shoot us an email at or visit Mr. Andreuzzi in Room 119!

Meanwhile, feel free to submit articles, cartoons, and pitches for our website here.

For new members to Hawkeye: you may ONLY apply as a staff writer, online editor, artist/photographer, and/or business associate.

Editorial Department

Hawkeye Staff Writer Application
Writes articles for the newspaper under one of the writing sections: News, Opinion, Features, and Sports.

Assistant Editor
Edits articles for and helps with the managing of one of the writing sections: News, Opinion, Features, and Sports. 

Online Editor Application
Oversees the website, updates articles, and continually improves the overall design.

Creative Department

Artist/Photographer Application
Provides accompanying artwork or photographs to articles in the print edition.

Assistant Art Editor
Assists the Creative Department Editor in editing artwork.

Assistant Photography Editor
Assists the Photography Editor in overseeing the Photography Department.

Photography Editor
Oversees the entire Photography Department, edits photography, and collaborates with other section editors.

Creative Editor
Oversees the entire Creative Department, edits art, and helps with photography. 

Business Department

Business Associate Application
Raises funds and contacts advertisers to cover the costs of printing the paper.

Assistant Business Manager/Event Chair
Helps the Business Managers in overseeing the Business Department. 

Business Manager Application
Oversees the Business Department and the paper’s finances. 

Feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns. Good luck!

10 thoughts on “Apply Now

  1. What do you do in the business section? What do you have to know to be in the business section? Do you do advertising and marketing?

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