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The Problem, Plane and Simple

By RISHITA DASGUPTA, junior (Originally published March 2022) ”BECAUSE WE’RE DELTA AIRLINES, and life is a … nightmare,” joked iconic stand-up comedian John Mulaney in a skit about the unfortunately named airline company. But Delta Airlines itself claims to have found a bigger nightmare, even bigger than its customer service: unruly passengers. In February, Ed … Continue reading


Spring Strikeouts

By SOPHIA HAN, sophomore (Originally published Hall of Honor April 2022) AS WINTER COMES TO A CLOSE, mid-winter sports have finally transitioned to spring sports, including the start of the softball season. With a home game against nearby rival St. Thomas Aquinas soon, the JP Stevens Girls Varsity Softball team is very excited to start … Continue reading


April Showers Bring…

By BRIANNA GROSSMAN, sophomore (Originally published March 2022) PICTURE THIS: you get home from school after a long day of flunking pop quizzes and daydreaming about all the sleep you’ll get over break. You sigh mournfully, mulling over the discouraging few hours you got last night—and will likely get again tonight—when a pencil drops out … Continue reading